#14 Overall Ranking
10,453 Kills
5,475 Deaths
1.91 KDR
703 Performance
297.5 Score per Minute
Rust last map played
33 hour(s) played
20 week(s) since first connection
32 day(s) since last connection
104 connections
231 Messages
[NBS] Rust Sniping [US] last server played
32 day(s) ago
> gg
> im only 4 months into pc gaming ill take that compliment
> gg
> great team effort lolol
> i totally lost
> lol gg
> how did my team really give them a chopper lol
> gg
> im only a month into pc gaming lol
> gg
62 day(s) ago
> aight
> let me inv you to discord
> yayyyy
> dude you hide so much
> stop going up top
> dude we are just gonna leave
> dude come to the ground like everyone else
> dude stop lol
> ew
> lol hacks?
64 day(s) ago
> pathetic how i get this many kills
> myv just started like a couple weeks ago lmao
> you keep dragging it, you need to be quicker than that
> you may not notice it but you naturally play like you are gonna die in real life
> you literally do
> you drag scope and still takes 2-3 shots to kill someone
> its kbam yo uare suppose to be way more accurate with it
> you cant even black scope with kbam palace
> and you go up top lol
> its pathetic