Naughty Nadia
#80 Overall Ranking
15,558 Kills
7,965 Deaths
1.95 KDR
618 Performance
335.6 Score per Minute
48 hour(s) played
38 week(s) since first connection
9 day(s) since last connection
128 connections
438 Messages
Terminal last map played
[NBS] Terminal 24/7 [US] last server played
10 day(s) ago
> see how didfferen t it is with a terrible team lol
> gg
> yeah you farmed lol
> they are paralyzed
> yeahb look at leaderboard
> not a gg yall played literal casual gamer uncles
> lol my team stop playing video games xD
> good job team yall cant press buttons properly
> yall are so easy but m yteam makes this impossible
> my team doesnt need to reproduce
> my team is so bad omg lolol
> here we go again just go ahead and farm my team
> your team more consistant
> yall won
> thanks team lol
> some of my team needs to stay away from fps games lol
> my team is amazing
> gg
14 day(s) ago
> lol nukes in 2019
> ralph you have no idea on how to snipe do you lol
> dude cant even spell warrior
> yall farmed my team lol
> my team is something else lol
> that doesnt matter lol
> why do4es iw4x have the most random spawns
> yeah against retards
> soem people need to tstay away from fps games lol
> zew how are you playing so passive and yet have the k/d that you have lol
> my team is making this so difficult to get anyone in a spawn trap lol
> dude i just want to get a clip lol