#0 overall ranking
3,535 total kills
746 total deaths
4.74 kills per death
2,003 perfomance rating
638.3 score per minute
[NBS] Rust Sniping [EU] last server played
8 hours of play time
171 weeks since first connection
138 weeks since last seen
43 connections
356 messages sent
Rust last map played
3 years ago
Warned Syntaxx for camping
Kicked Myusername for pce
Warned Myusername for annoying, not even reading your msgs lol
Kicked Myusername for been in NBS 8 years, you?
Warned GayFapture for camping
Temporarily banned bobby shmurda for bye bye with duration of 30 weeks
Kicked Maoz for bye
Kicked bobby shmurda for annoying
Warned Maoz for annoying
Kicked bobby shmurda for peace.
Warned bobby shmurda for camping
Kicked marek for camping
Warned marek for camping
Kicked SnifflePuss for cya
Warned SnifflePuss for try again
Warned CFC-ED for camping
Warned grandma tits for camping
Warned RememberJKS for camp
Kicked gRiZZz for stfu
Kicked gRiZZz for cya.
Warned gRiZZz for respect.
Warned Ljubica for shut up
Kicked Shots for bye
Kicked Shots for next time its a ban
Kicked Shots for annoying
Warned EdCrack for camping
Kicked Help for annoying, disrespectful.
Temporarily banned Griev HM for disrespect with duration of 36 weeks
Warned Griev HM for annoying